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South Pacific Charters luxury charter boats

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a list of the most common questions that we get asked.
The answers provided are a general guide only, as each boat has its own unique conditions of charter. We will brief you on these prior to your booking, but if you require the information sooner, simply contact us either by telephone on +64 9 585 2525. or via email to info@pacificcharters.co.nz.

Question: How long have you been in business ?
Answer: Pacific Charters Ltd has been operating for over 20 years, but was officially incorporated in 2001. Originally set up by a group of boat skippers in order to service clients better, the company has grown with over 60 boats on its books in Auckland alone, and with many more dotted around the South Pacific. Our connections within the boating fraternity are substantial and enable us to "keep our fingers on the pulse" of the luxury charter market.

Question: Why should I book through you ?
Answer: There is no charge to you for our services. We operate in the same way a mortgage broker does. We get paid by the boats wether you use our services or not. We don't mark up the boats cost, we quote you the same rate the boat would if you went direct. You get to choose from over 60 boats with one inquiry, we point you in the right direction depending on your charter requirements, we hold the money and only release it to the boats after the boat has completed the charter, and in the odd event of problems we can troubleshoot those for you as well. We are a true one stop shop that takes all the hassle out of booking a boat. So I guess the question then becomes why wouldn't you book through us ?

Question: Can I BYO my own food and alcohol?
Answer: This will depend entirely upon which boat you end up on. Some of the boats allow BYO beverages and catering, others don't. We can point you in right direction if this is critical to your charter.

Question: How many people can i put on board ?
Answer: The single most determining factor on any charter is the number of people you wish to have aboard. Each boat is officially surveyed by regulatory authorities to take a certain number of guests, the more people you want to put aboard the more limited your options get. Most boats can take smaller numbers under 30, but as the numbers rise above that, the number of boats that can accommodate you diminishes. Also, all boats are configured and laid out differently, and therefore larger numbers work better on some boats than others. We can advise you which boat will work best for the numbers you wish to take and for the activities you wish to do.

Question: How far out can the boats go?
Answer: On local charters the boats generally include around 3 hours of motoring time per charter or 4 hours per day if you are taking the boat for more than one day. This varies from boat to boat, but excessive fuel charges are only by prior agreement and are only incurred on rare occasions. On longer overnight charters where distance has to be covered ie to Great Barrier, an additional fuel charge is agreed at the time of booking.

Question: What insurance do I need?
Answer: The boat and boat property is insured by its owners for accidental damage as a results of actions by the crew or acts of god. However damage to the boat or its property by you may be charged for, depending on each boats insurance policy and the conditions under which the damage occurred.

Question: How much deposit is required?
Answer: Generally a 50% deposit is required to confirm the booking, with the balance payable approx 15 days prior to the charter itself. However if you are booking a long way out, a 30% deposit is usually enough to secure the booking for you with the boat and then we bill for the balance closer to the charter date. Incidentals and some additional charges may be billed later but only if you incur these additional costs during the charter and these would be by agreement with the skipper who will make you aware of these as you use them. (Ie: excessive fuel, toll calls, unanticipated docking fees due to itinerary changes, alcoholic beverages etc). There are no hidden costs on our charter boats.

Question: Where can we anchor - how flexible is the cruise itinerary?
Answer: Both the skipper and the boat are fairly flexible in their activities while you are on board. They are there to give you a good time on the water and will accommodate any reasonable requests or changes to the itinerary that you may wish. Ultimately its your charter and if you wish to make changes along the way you are more than welcome, although any changes will be accepted entirely at the skippers discretion and are generally only influenced by the weather or safety concerns.

Question: What happens to the money i have paid if the charter is cancelled by me?
Answer: If the charter is cancelled by you prior to the commencement of the charter and the boat is unable to replace the business then unfortunately you may lose your money. This is because other business may have been turned away in the interim for the dates that you had booked for. However in most cases we can re-arrange charter dates and times with the boat, and if this is possible and causes no commercial inconvenience/loss to the parties involved you may not lose any of your deposit and the charter will simply take place on another date/time. The vessels we deal with are interested in giving their clients value for money and sending you home happy, and in our experience they accommodate the client wherever possible in order to achieve this. Some vessels may have further restrictions which you will be made aware of depending on which vessel you choose to charter.

Question: What happens to my money if the charter is cancelled by the skipper?
Answer: Generally the boat will only cancel the charter due to safety concerns, such as bad weather, or due to a sudden mechanical failure. BAD WEATHER - If the skipper/boat cancels the charter due to weather, then you get your money back, no questions asked. At the end of the day bad weather is beyond anyones control, so you get a full refund. Cancelling due to weather doesn't happen often, but it does happen. On the odd occasion when it does happen, we can either reschedule a new date with the boat for you, or you just get a full refund. The choice is always yours. MECHANICAL FAILURE - Very rare but it has happened twice in the 20 odd years we have been doing this. Both times we simply moved the charter to a comparable or better vessel and the client was happy as larry. One of the benefits of booking through us, is we have strong personal relationships with a large number of boats, who will leap into action for us on the odd occasion we need to move a charter at short notice. Or you can have a full refund. Again, the choice is yours.

Question: What can I do on board?
Answer: Most of the boats have a reasonable compliment of water based activity vehicles, such as jet skis and tender craft to accommodate water skiing and fishing. For the petrol based activities there is usually a small charge just to cover fuel, and some of the boats charge for rods and bait, others don't. So it simply depends on which boat you are on as to the cost of these extra activities. They also generally provide indoor entertainment in the form of games, video's , DVD's and stereos. However if the boat you choose does not supply these activities, we can generally arrange them for you.

Question: What do I bring on board?
Answer: Warm clothes and a smile. Food and alcohol can be supplied or you can bring your own on some boats depending on their licence restrictions.

Question: What catering is available ?
Answer: While many of the boats allow BYO, for those wanting all the headaches taken care of, a full range of catered food is available through our preferred caterers. These vary from boat to boat and we put you in touch with the caterers once we have an idea which boats will suit your particular charter. You then deal with the caterers direct, and they bill you direct.

Question: I need to organise additional accommodation on land?
Answer: If you are expecting more overnight guests than the boat is licensed for, then we will arrange additional accommodation on land in the locale where the boat is anchored during your cruise. We can also arrange any accommodation required prior to and after your charter.

Question: I need a vehicle transfer arranged.
Answer: No problem, just advise us what you need as we have access to various Limousines, helicopters and tour companies. We can arrange it all for you.

Question: Im an international client. What is gst?
Answer: GST is similar to the UK's VAT tax system. its a tax that goes on top of all quoted prices and is paid directly to the new zealand government. It is currently 15%.

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